Josh Music

Performed by BoSoZoKu
Joshua Hale Fialkov – Guitar
Clint VanGemmert – Bass
Jeremy Papay – Drums

I’ve discovered the joy of Audacity and started pouring through some of my old recordings of my band. This is by far the best piece of music we ever made… or maybe just my favorite. I trimmed out some crowd banter, and Normalized the whole thing…I think it sounds better… I could just be imagining. Anyways, enjoy.

Josh writes Fused (Along with Some Guy Named Niles)

Newsarama says…

November sees Steve bringing back one of his most enduring creations, Fused, and pulling in some great collaborators. First up, the colorist of Giant Monster, Jay Fotos, delivers the fully painted cover. It’s incredibly gorgeous. Second, Steve teams up with two of the hottest writers in the business right now – Christopher Long, who wrote IDW’s series The Easy Way. Christopher is a massive talent, and really has a handle on how to make things smart and filmic. Steve’s also teaming up with Joshua Hale Fialkov, the creator and writer behind Elk’s Run, an independent book that’s gotten praise from Entertainment Weekly. C’mon, do I have to sell him with anything else?

I Wrote a Story for Moose in the Closet

The beloved Blovel by H&B Managing Editor Jason “J-Rod” Rodriguez.

Here’s the intro, and you can read the rest at the link below.

My brother is a lot older than me. 9 years older. So, when I was a little kid, he was a teenager. He had this friend, one of his oldest and best friends, a guy named Mike. Mike, as far as the 6 year old version of me was concerned, with just about the coolest guy ever. He introduced me to heavy metal, comics, gaming, and really shaped who I was as a kid, mostly due to his being the polar opposite of my brother. He was a smart guy who was laid back, fun, and generally just a cool cat to be around, who, coincidentally, was a remarkably talented guitarist. For some reason, my clearest memory of him is having him chase me around our family room, and then sit on my head and fart. I hated it, but thought it was hilarious. Hell, I thought it was hilarious to the point of doing it to my friends. The guy was cool. In that 80’s suburbs of Pittsburgh dork-chic kind of way. Hell, to this day when I hear Iron Maiden or Motorhead he’s what pops into my head.

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