The Kidney Drama Continues.

Headed for my follow up today. Still have inflamation in my prostate (which was discovered by yet another hand up the ass) and the doctor’s put me on a stronger course of anti-biotics, in hopes that the prostate fixes itself, and hopefully pushes the stone (which he figures is STILL lodged in there) out.

A word about having a grown man’s hand up the ass.

I can’t express to you the amount of pain this causes. I do not recommend anybody gives it a try. It was certainly not worth the $100 I had to pay for it.

I’m on a heaping helping of vicodin to help ‘ease the pain’ from the instrusion and the pain it’s seemd to cause in the kidneys.

Now, I will go pass out.

ER Bumper – Sketch Page!

One of the many pages of Extras in the Elk’s Run Bumper Edition, which is getting ready to head out to the printer on Thursday. Can’t wait for you guys to see all the great stuff we crammed in here, hope it makes it worth it for those of you who’ve already bought the book, and want to be extra supportive.

Did I mention I love you guys?

Click the image for full size.

Murder One

Of my Birthday swag, this has gotten the 2nd most attention. Steven Bochco and Co.’s Murder One is far and away the best coutroom drama of the 90’s (eat shit The Practice, L.A. Law, and Law & Order). The thing that sets it apart, and makes it so much more… engaging than every other show is that the entire season is focused on one legal case, an underage rape/murder involving a business tycoon and a movie star. We see every twist and turn, each day in court plays out in front of us, rather than the glossed over jumps of the triumvirate of aforementioned shows.

Far and away, the highlight of the show was Daniel Benzali, as Ted Hoffman, the bald headed shark with a heart of gold. He manages to show off a warmth and compassion that manages to never quite undercut his sharp mind. On every other legal show, he would be the villain, the high price attorney defending immoral, self-obsessed millionaires, yet, the beauty of the show makes him out to be a moral man in an immoral world. It’s quite a striking balance, and Benzali handles it like no other.

I highly recommend the first season of the show (the second season is a different cast and different format, and excellent but in a very different way..)

Old Boy

Checked out Old Boy finally. It’s got moments of greatness, but, ends up being a bit over long, and a bit too on the nose. The twist is a bit obvious, although Dina didn’t see it coming as early as I did, and it suffers a bit from that awkward Asian logic in that the motivation for the bad guy is just positively over the top and somewhat illogical.

The main difference between American and Asian cinema, I think, is that the Asian directors manage to take outlandish concepts, flawed logic, and simplistic character motivations and make them work, where as in the US you just end up with “Must Love Dogs.”

Anyways, the movie has some gorgeous sequences, the plot’s pretty engaging, the visuals spectacular, and the performances overall pretty good. The movie has a quote on it something along the lines of “Made to be recommended by Quentin Tarantino,” which I suppose is somewhat true, but, I don’t think the movie quite makes it up to the levels of the Kill Bill movies, or even kickass recent Asian action films like Volcano High and Ichi the Killer.