The Trip At Its End, I stare at the Slot Machines and Think Quietly to Myself…

This marks the longest time I’ve been away from my house in a long time. I get really antsy when I’m away from my comforts, but, I’m glad I went. My folks are leaving Pittsburgh for greener pastures in Iowa (greener and filled with more corn, I’d presume), and this was sort of my ‘last chance’ at spending time in my childhood home.

It’s… well… it’s nice. I spent most of college dreading the trips home because I just have so few friends in town, and lots of bad memories, and this was one of the first times the trip wasn’t filled with dread. Seeing my folks is usually the only real positive of these trips, but, I actually had a good time, between SPX (which was an absolute ball knocker of a good time), and discovering old ‘treasures’ in my parents attic, I had a pretty great time.

Of course, I’m now more than a week behind on all of my writing. Oh well, that’s what layovers in Las Vegas are for.