And the trip was good. Got a bit of a sinus infection thanks to all that fresh air and pollen, found out my stomach ulcer wasn’t quite at the ulcer stage yet, and picked up some kickass movies.  Plus I got to spend time with my folks, brother and sister in law, and my niece and nephews.

And I got a bunch of work done.  You really can’t ask for anything more.

I Gotsa PSP

So I sold about 10 years worth of Gameboy stuff and managed to get a fully paid for (but gently used) Playstation Portable.

I bought it, more or less, for one game.  Lumines.  I played it on my buddy Gilbert’s PSP at last year’s E3, and was instantly in love.  Honestly, if the PSP did nothing but access the internet, play music and videos, and Lumines, I’d say the thing is worth the price of admission.

I also got the Megaman Redux thing, and the Capcom Remix, worth it just for the inclusion of 1941.

Now, I just need more games and more memory.

Profound Statement from a review of DaVinci Code

Da Vinci Code, The (2006): Reviews
Action and ideas — they get in each other’s way, pal. And director Ron Howard didn’t want to choose between ‘em. Good impulse, not such a good result.

I don’t actually know what I think about that.  I tend to get tripped up when I use both simultaneously, which accounts for the bi-polar nature of my writing.  Half of what I do is action packed pun fueled action-comedies, and then there’s the Elk’s Run stuff.  I’ve yet to find a way to balance the two disparate tones…

But, I’m working on it.