Almost there…

Got most of my stuff out of the apartment and into the new place yesterday.  Didn’t actually y’know… sleep much from Friday to Sunday, but, I finally got a chance to lay down last night.  So, that’s good.  Now I have to clean the shit hole of an old apartment, and get the cats settled in to their new life of confinement.


Western Tales of Terror on Bookgasm

Bookgasm has a great review of the entire five issue run of Western Tales of Terror.  I somehow missed it when it came out (probably because the book had already been dead and buried for about a year when it ran), but, it’s greatly appreciated.

Y’know… I’m actually incredibly proud of those five issues.  I think they go toe to toe with just about any horror comic on the market today or yesterday.  And they’re still for sale over at the Hoarse and Buggy store.

Go, buy them, enjoy.