Fuck the Reviews…

Crank is the best movie of the year.  It’s a fucking tour-de-force of insane action on par with anything Leone or Peckinpah ever produced.

Run, do not walk, to see it if you have any love for action movies.  It’s fan-fucking-tastic.

It was part of a quintuplet of great movies I watched this weekend including D.O.A. (the original, not the remake), the afore-mentioned Crank, The Big Lebowski, Vertigo, and good friend Mark Wheaton’s A&E TV Movie, Wildfire: Last Stand at Yellowstone.

I’m an Absentee

Sorry for not being around.  Past few weeks have been incredibly busy.  Nothing really worthy of announcing yet, but, y’know, everything in due time.  I’ve been banging through a few WFH pitches, that would be incredibly cool to see come to light, but we’ll see, I guess.

More excitingly, I’ve been banging through the first draft of Tumor, and Noel’s doing some sample art from the WIP script we have.  I think we’ve found a worthy successor to Elk’s Run.
It’s some seriously fucked up shit and I think y’all will enjoy it.  I’m trying my best to keep it under my hat for now, aside from that sample art we put up next week, in hopes of having our publishing plans squared up before we spill any beans (or tumor addled brains.)

I spent the day with my new lady love at her awesome job at the Los Angeles Public Library, working on scripts and generally being away from telephones and tv’s.  It’s nice to just get some work done, and be able to look up and see someone I really and truly love just a few feet away.

Also, i got a terrible haircut.  That’s all the shit thats fit to print.