SiliCon 2007: Guest Announcement: Josh Fialkov!

I’m going to be attending the 2007 Silicon Con up in San Jose.  The release is below.  Check out their site at SiliCon 2007: Guest Announcement: Josh Fialkov!

SiliCon 2007: Guest Announcement: Josh Fialkov!
Harvey Award Nominee for Best New Talent and Best Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov has agreed to come and be our guest for SiliCon 2007! He is the creator of the hit indie anthology Western Tales of Terror, as well as the Critically Acclaimed Graphic Novel Elk’s Run from Villard Books, and the underground sensation Punks: The Comic. His comic work has appeared in books for Boom Studios and IDW Publishing, with upcoming work from Harris Comics, Marvel Comics, and more. His latest work, Vampirella Quarterly was just released (go order it on Previews!) He was raised in Pittsburgh, and currently enjoys a writer’s life in Los Angeles. Josh is a great guy and was quick to agree to come and be our guest at SiliCon 2007. Being diabetic himself, he appreciates the charity we support, the Diabetes Society. It will be interesting to hear Josh’s perspective on dealing with diabetes in the fast paced world of entertainment.
Phantom Power Comics and “I Read Comics” just posted their latest podcasts (including some announcements for SiliCon!), go check them out!

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Punks in Previews for Free Comic Book Day!

There’s a little 3 pager inthe Digital Webbing FCBD Book. Get your orders in!

by Various

Showcasing the full line of Digital Webbing comics with brand-new and re-mastered short stories featuring the popular BloodRayne (based on the video game character), the iconic E-Man, also including cult favorites Fist of Justice and Zombie Highway! Plus, get sneak peeks at upcoming titles Crazy Mary, and Joshua Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain’s Punks! All encased within a must-have wraparound jam cover by their respective artists!

32pgs, B&W FREE

More Books for Preorder

I’ve added links on the side there for two of my other forth-coming books. First is Postcards which you’ve heard about both here, and over at It’s an anthology featuring work from Harvey Pekar, Michael Gaydos, Phil Hester, Stuart Moore, Noel Tuazon, and others, put together by Elk’s Run editor Jason Rodriguez. It’s fantabulous, definitely worth checking out.

Second is Princess Ressurection which is a manga series I did the English adaptation on. It’s sort of like a Manga version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a bit of Evil Dead mixed in for good measure. It’s a whole lot of fun, so, y’know, go and check ‘em out.