Three Rivers Chapter 1 is LIVE!

Hey Gang,
Just a quick note.  The first chapter of Three Rivers went live this morning.  The Prelude from last week has been moved into the archive.  You can access the full archives, including exclusive comics by Noel and I for a measly buck a month.

All of that and more here:

We got a ton of hits when we announced, and the feedback’s been great.  Please, keep the feedback coming!

Secondly, the Hoarse and Buggy site has been relaunched, minus the online store, but, with plenty of info and links to keep you busy.  We’re still beta testing it, so, if you see anything wrong please let us know.

That can of course be viewed here:

Finally, thanks to everybody who stopped by the Random House booth at New York Comic Con, where they had the very first copies of the complete Elk’s Run for your viewing pleasure.  I’ve heard the reaction was great, and everyone who saw the book said it was spectacular.  I’ll give you a first hand report as soon as I get my hands on one.

Thanks again for all of your support, and don’t forget ER-Day on March 27th!

Joshua Hale Fialkov

Secret Agent (A.K.A. Danger Man) Complete Series

Ah, Danger Man. This set is up on Amazon for a measely $99 bucks right now. It’s everything including both the original B+W half hour show, and then the color ones that were on CBS back in the day. This is first part of the Prisoner. Really, it is. If you like the Prisoner, you’ll like this. It’s much less weird, but very much in the same world, and really the set up for what happens there.

John Drake is Number 6 and vice versa.

In any event, I don’t know that there’s ever been a better spy show on TV, and that includes 24. Go, watch.


Things to do with comics you don’t want…

Donate them to Juvenille Detention Centers in New Orleans.

Seemingly growing out of the hullaballoo about review copies over on Johanna’s Comics Worth Reading comes a suggestion with some real forethought and, daggummit, heart. Colleen Mondor. Click that top link to see why you should do it.

And for the record, once you send a reviewer a review copy, it’s theirs to do with as they like. The real interesting part for me is back in the original post the guy says:

I know you’ve never been a fan of my work…but despite that…I took my marketing guy’s advice and added you to our review copy list.

Just a word of advice. Fire your marketing guy. There’s absolutely no benefit in getting ANOTHER bad review from someone who you know doesn’t like your stuff. There’s a reason movies predicted to be critical bombs don’t have press screenings. It’s self-destructive.

It’s not a game wherein the goal is to make someone change their mind, and then you win.

Maybe that’s just me though.

Just in for Valentine’s Day… Fialkov & Tuazon’s Three Rivers

Fwd: Just in for Valentine’s Day… Fialkov & Tuazon’s Three Rivers

Originally uploaded by Joshua Hale Fialkov.

Hey gang,

First off, Happy Valentines Day. There’s an Elk’s Run Valentine’s Day Card above, feel free to print it out and threaten people with it.

Secondly, just wanted to take a second to introduce yet another new project.  The webcomic is live, and can be accessed by clicking the image below.
Three Rivers is the follow up to Elk’s Run by Noel Tuazon and myself. Where Elk’s Run dealt with isolation and loneliness, Three Rivers is about growing up in the seat of modern civilization… the suburbs.

It’s a bit scary how similar they are.

The book is told as a series of short stories revolving around the lives of two friends, and how their relationship changes and grows from puberty through adulthood. Rendered beautifully in black and white by Noel, the book is a true creative successor to Elk’s Run.

The plan for right now is to put up a new chapter every month for free, with access to the archive for a buck a month. In that archive, you can also access a bunch of my early mini-comics, comics by Noel, and some of my Western Tales of Terror stories.

So, please, check out the first part of the book, and let us know what you think!

Feel free to repost this whereever you’d like, and Noel and I are both available for interviews, etc.