And these are the days in our lives…

I’ve been closing out my gmail account for the past few days now.  I’ve had it since their first open beta however many years ago.  I love the service, but, have had a few issues with it as of late, including mail not getting through, massive amounts of incoming spam, and general unreliability.  I’m also really not a fan of the new interface (even knowing you can switch to the ‘classic view’ I have a bad feeling about how long that’ll stick around…).  Add to that I’ve had a .Mac account for a while now that aside from being paid for, is also about a thousand times more reliable…

Anyways… what’s been interesting is spending the time going through my life of the past four or so years, in e-mail.  Watching the evolution of my career, friendships, loves, and all the rest.   There’s the obvious ‘first e-mail with’ Wheaton, Dauberman, Fleecs, James Patrick, J-Rod, and all of the guys who’ve become an essential part of my life, creatively, socially, and spiritually.  There’s the first awkward e-mailing between Christina and I, where I try desperately to impress someone who was clearly the coolest chick I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

There’s the first few attempts to get work for hire, followed by the slightly more successful attempts, followed by the “Hey, I’m actually hired,” style attempts.  Getting to watch the whole Speakeasy debacle from the first “This is a good thing” through the “Oh right, these guys are obviously clueless and shouldn’t be in the business…” winding up at the “Hooray for Random House!”

Through many leaps, stumbles, wins, losses, and all shades of gray in between, it’s been a helluva a few years.  Thanks to all of you for being along for the ride.

The New Site, and Welcome To It.

For various reasons, it was time to restart the blog under a new url.  I also added in a handy dandy entry page, that’ll have the important stuff going on for me in easy linkable form…

Eventually, I’ll add a small store interface, so you can buy the stuff that’s long out of circulation, as well as signed versions of a few of the books.

If there’s anything that’s not working right, let me know, so I can fix it.

News and Things

Ah… November slips away,  Just wrapped up the last work for hire for the year (it’s for Marvel, and I’m really looking forward to everybody seeing it), and put the finishing touches on a few other projects includind the Manga for Seven Seas Entertainment, the Wildstorm comic, and the 4th Volume of Princess Resurrection.  My plan is to spend December doing ‘personal development’ on a couple of creator owned projects I’d like to get going for early next year.   I’m finally getting the hang of having a balance of work that pays the bills and makes me happy.

Speaking of which… the Punks Christacular is on it’s way to stores, with an estimated ship date of the 2nd week of December.  I just sent out preview PDF’s to critics and friends and if you’d like one, just drop me an e-mail.

In other things I done did… I redid Christina’s Ann Dvorak site ( with WordPress and some Gallery plugins.  I think it turned out pretty good, and is worth checking out.  I’d bet there’ll be some wedding pictures added on there relatively soon… which I’ll link to.

Married life is everything it’s cracked up to be, especially when married to the coolest chick in town.

There’s a few other projects (including the aforementioned Marvel, Seven Seas,  and Wildstorm books) that’ll be announced soon, one of which is a collaboration with screenwriting superstar Mark Wheaton for one of my favorite publishers.  Next years going to be very kickass.

Oh, also on Punks… once the pesky WGA strike is over, there’s going to be some super cool news… something that Kody and I have been chomping at the bit to get going on… but the strike came in before the contracts could close, and while the strike doesn’t strictly get in the way of the project… we decided we’d rather be supportive of the strikers (at least two of which are my best friends) than start work.

So there ya go.  Keep on smilin’.