Today in Twitter

  • @TonyFleecs Superstar. #
  • @BrianReed This is all crazy talk. Wall-E is amazing. Ratat. is great. And Cars… I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch. #
  • @bclaymoore It’s been sitting on top of my TV for over 6 months. It’s day will come soon, methinks. #
  • Is tonight the night I watch the Serling episode on the Studio One Antho DVD’s? #
  • Slowest turnaround on an interview EVER. I suck. #
  • Double Indemnity remains a-freaking-mazing. #
  • Happy 45th Birthday Doctor Who! #

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The Resistance Ep 10 and Li’l Firebreather

Hey guys,
Episode 10 of LG15: The Resistance rolled out today, and, as per usual, is available at,,, et al. The last few episodes are doozies, so, if you haven’t been watching, get to it. You’re breaking Papa Josh’s heart.

Also of note (and forgotten by me last week) was the arrival of Firebreather #3 from Image Comics and superstar creators Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn. Now, as if the fact that it’s easily one of the best superhero books on the stands wasn’t quite enough for you, it has yet another dose of Fleecs and Fialkov fun. I kid you not, Tony Fleecs is going to take this industry by storm one day, and you could say you’ve been on board since the beginning.

Or just lie about it. Either way. The book should be at your local comic shop, under Image Comics. If it’s not, YELL AT THEM TO ORDER IT!

That’s all the that that there is. Thanks for reading, and keep the faith.