here’s the thing for me…

I get very frustrated these days because I spend my non-day job working hours, doing the work that I love to do. BUT, the problem is that I’m so burned out from working the day job that I start to resent the work I love to do. My quest for the happy medium has been a long one, but hopefully, I’m on the verge of finding it.

At least I hope so.

It’s Like Josh Day at Broken Frontier!

First we have this weeks First Impressions column…

Well, here we are, a brand new year, a fresh start, and a time to reflect on what goals I have to accomplish this year. It’s actually intimidating. To think about the previous year as a chapter closed and the new year as the chapter yet to come. It’s also slightly unrealistic, especially in the comics business, where I’ve already finished all of my books that are coming out until at least July. But that’s neither here not there.

The rest can be read here.

And secondly a preview of my favorite story in WToT #3 (no offense to the rest of the wonderful talent in the book, mind you). You can read that here.

Much love and thanks, guys.

Happy New Year

Well, it’s been a bit since posting, and the new year has passed. Aside from the house flooding, and it causing my cat to start pissing all over the place, things have been good. Although, spending the bulk of my time on my knees scrubbing cat pee out of my carpet has not endeared itself to me as a hobby just quite yet.

Western Tales #3 is in Previews now, and it’s a fabulous issue. Issue 2 hit stores last week, but due to the holiday, the feedback’s been kinda limited. I’m pretty sure that’ll change this week.

I have more to say. But I have a column to write.

Cheers and Happy Year of New.