i fucking hate being sick

i’ve had stomach flu for the past two or three days now, my stomach’s all tied up in knots, and i feel like i’m gonna fall over. it’s awesome.

i took the day off work (both day and night jobs) and relaxed, as much as i could, but, running to the bathroom every five minutes does not really allow for much actual relaxation.

at least i got to read comics for a change.

TheGreatCurve.net says…


here’s what pros are saying:

“A genuinely creepy scenario washed in moody colors and possessing a pervasive atmosphere of mystery and genuine suspense. One of those original books that jumps up and grabs your attention.” – B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Battle Hymn)

“Elk’s Run uses evocative art and authentic dialogue to tell a story that combines the coming of age and suspense genres in a way that transcends both.” – Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Deep Sleeper)

“Elk’s Run is strong, character-based horror. The kind that builds slowly and gets under your skin. Sort of like Demo meets old-school Hellblazer, and yes that’s definitely a good thing.” – Stuart Moore (Lone, Para, Firestorm)

“In a few short pages, Josh and Noel made us want to see what happens next, and that’s a mark of a good story, well told.” – Larry Young (Publisher AIT/PlaneLar)

And I agree with them. I’ve had the privilege of reading this first issue of Elk’s Run and this is the second, and strongest, debut from Hoarse and Buggy Productions. Josh Fialkov has created an indie hit with Western Tales of Terror and Elk’s Run is definitely set to follow suit. Great writing, moody artwork, and an enticing ending in this first issue has left me wanting more. I have to know more about these characters and their environment. I have to know the secret of Elk’s Run.

Here’s what you need to know:

February Previews, on stands now.
Page 306.
Product order number: FEB052900.

Reserve yours today. I have.