i got hit by a car today.

a car pulled into an intersection as i was crosssing and didn’t stopbefore the white line, so it like tapped me and i jumped out of the way, and my foot hit a pot hole and i tumbled. skinned the fuck out of my knee and landed hard on my wrist.

someone like helped me across the street, and the car drove off before i get his license.

it’s a good thing i don’t have health insurance.

New First Impressions

Up at www.brokenfrontier.com.

I’ve spent the past three months living as a professional writer. No day job to suck up my time, no pointless tasks to sidetrack me. And yet, here I am, just as exhausted, clocking just as many hours and running from place to place trying to keep up. Making comics is a business, no matter what my annual salary might tell you. It’s constantly trying to juggle the creative juices with the business necessities that keep you going. Having a great support staff (which thank god, I do) helps, but, at the end of the day, I’m still the one making the decisions and juggling the bulk of the work.

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Newsarama on WToT


Western Tales of Terror #1-3
From: Hoarse and Buggy Productions
Visit: www.westerntalesofterror.com
Writers and Artists: Various
Review by Troy Brownfield

I�ve previously mentioned that I enjoy a good anthology title, and this is a good anthology title. Blending classic Western tropes with horror twists, these issues deliver short effective bursts of story. High profile creators like Steve Niles, Phil Hester and Ryan Ottley rub shoulders with journeymen and rookies for an average of six tales an issue.

While some fans might find the overall premise confining, the actual styles and approaches for the stories are quite broad. There�s a lot of variety in the art, and the writing tones shift from dour to humorous in the space of a few pages. As a reviewer who sees a lot of similar material, it�s gratifying to see a group of talented creators try something that�s very different.

Hoarse and Buggy seem to be one of those little companies on the verge. They also produce the excellent Elk�s Run, and they�ve grabbed notice from Entertainment Weekly and Variety. Even with a small base, they prove the adage that quality gets noticed.

“Proving the adage that quality gets noticed.” sounds like it should be our tagline, doesn’t it?

Josh Saw High Tension

What a fucking shame.

The first twenty minutes are terrible, but it really picks up and turns into a great 70’s style exploitation horror movie. And then, it hits the ending. It makes no sense, isn’t explained, and is literally so bad it ruins the movie.

Wow. Recommended if for the sole reason of learning how NOT to write an ending.