Jebus. Thanks for all the well-wishes and kind words everybody. I’m behind on a deadline, so I’m gonna end up not answering a lot of these, at least not tonight.

For those concerned, we’re fine, and all saw this coming, so, don’t worry. We’ve been planning our next move for quite some time, and know what’s what.

Of course, if you really want to cheer me up you can visit www.WorldsEnd-TheComic.com and www.PunksTheComic.com still on the horizon.

Speakeasy, RIP

So, just got off the phone with Adam Fortier, President etc. of Speakeasy Comics. Speakeasy is no more. Due to some payment problems and low sales, it seems, they’ve had to lock up shop.

Elk’s Run… well… We’re working on it. The book is 90% done, and it’s murder keeping it away from you guys, cause frankly, I’ve never been prouder than I am of the back half of the series. Everything clicks, and it’s just amazing work from Keating and Noel… The type of stuff you, as a writer, only dream of having turned in.

The book will come out. You will get to read the rest of the series.

When and How are still our main questions.

My Week Swallowed Me Up

From getting back from San Fran on Sunday night, I was literally running non-stop from place to place. Gary and I were on a game show on Tuesday and squarely got our asses kicked. It was thoroughly embarassing. Been plugging away at both the day job, the writing assignments, and a bit of transcribing every day.

I also finally settled down and watched the original BBC version of The Office. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my BBC America or DirecTV or what, but whenever I’d watch it on TV, I’d go nuts because I couldn’t hear what the fuck they were saying, to the point of utter irritation. So, now, armed with the DVD’s, I’m almost the whole way through and pretty well in love. I still prefer the American version (Steve Carrel is less irritating and considerably less ‘mean’ than Ricky Gervais’s version of the character which goes a long way.)

The biggest pleasure of the show, which is also the highlight of the American version, is the relationship between Tim/Jim and Dawn/Pam. It’s the most honest and natural thing about the show, and it helps smooth over the more forced stuff that surrounds it.

Aside from that, getting the last of the stuff ready to send out for World’s End, which’ll be going to publishers this week-ish, getting the business plan together on Punks, doing takes for two different properties (a tv show and a comic), and getting ready to pitch for a gig writing a low-budg feature. In other words… busy fucking week.