Fossen’s seen Punks…

Friend and Blogger Mark Fossen had this, and more to say about the first 12 pages of Punks which we casually sent his way as part of our ‘feedback phase.’

“Punks is the kind of thing you find when you wake up passed out on a friends couch with a splitting hangover. It’s crumpled under your head, and as you come to consciousness, you read Punks and say : ‘Dude. What the FUCK is this?? Where are the rest?’ …. And then you spend the rest of the day calling your buddy ‘Noisy McNoise-Noisenstein’, and quoting lines from the book.”

So, go read, get excited.

Or else.

Fucking Hell

My car has been randomly dying in the midst of my scuttling around town, so, with the week off from my day job I decided to get it fixed. I figured “A couple hours, couple hundred bucks, and it’ll be right as rain.”

That was at 10:30 this morning. Took them 3 hours to look at the fucking thing, and then they handed me a quote for 1400 bucks to made the car ‘road worthy.’ My favorite note was “Well, you don’t have to replace the axle, but, you hit a big enough pot hole and it’s ‘Goodbye Tires!'”

So, to make the most of this zombifying dead time, I’ve been trying to work through the second script for Punks. The highlight thus far being the coining of a new non-swear swear, “HOLY ANAL BEADS UP A MONKEY’S BUM!” It’s a particularly angry script, I suppose mostly due to sitting in a cramped hard metal chair at Pep Boys for over 4 hours without internet to distract and pacify me.

Hopefully, I’ll be done in 3 or 4 hours, and will return to a slightly less homicidal state of mind.

Here’s a page of Punks #1 that Kody’s showing off. To make this post something other than piss and vinegar with a heaping helping of bile.