Elk’s Run in Bookstores Today

Hey Gang,
Real quick, Elk’s Run in it’s Collected Edition from Random House’s Villard Imprint is in Bookstores today.  It’ll be in comic shops next week it seems.  Please, help spread the word!

Here’s what some people are saying about it:

“Fialkov’s unique and sometimes disturbing coming-of-age adventure is engrossing and ultimately moving. “


A smart thriller that’s as challenging as it is suspenseful.”

Las Vegas Weekly

“A story who’s heart is in it’s gritty precision.”

Publisher’s Weekly

So, I hope y’all check it out, and don’t forget, those of you in the L.A. area, we’re having our big release party next week Wednesday, complete with booze, West Virginia style appetizers, and free giveaways (including a limited number of gorgeous sketches by Noel).  More info on that here: www.hoarseandbuggy.com/blog/?p=578

We’ve also added a TORONTO Release Party, info for which can be viewed here: industrynight.blogspot.com/

Thanks for listening, and as always feel free to forward or repost this wherever you’d like.


What I (and YOU) should’ve gotten in your e-mail today.

The following items have been shipped to you by Amazon.com:

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Amazon.com items (Sold by Amazon.com, LLC):
1Elk’s Run $13.57 1 $13.57

Shipped via UPS (estimated arrival date: 29-March-2007)

Last Chance to Order Vampirella #1

I think this was sent out to retailers etc. this week.  Again, I’m INCREDIBLY proud of the work we’re doing on Vampirella, and I hope you guys give it a try.

New York (March 20, 2007) – It’s not too late to order Vampirella’s
return!  Get your fix of the hottest, sexiest horror in comics right here,
starting this April in Vampirella Quartlery: Spring 2007 #1!  Final
order cut-off is March 30.  Each issue of the ongoing Vampirella Quarterly
series comes jam packed with at least two Vampirella tales.

Seven page preview here:

First up: Part 1 of “Vengeance of Vampirella.” Vampi’s new quest
has her following the bidding of an unwelcome master: The Blood Red
Queen! Why is she in the thrall of her arch-nemesis? Has she turned to the
dark side or is something even more sinister and shocking going on?
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey Award nominated writer of Elk’s Run,
with spectacular art by rising star Stephen Segovia (Witchblade: Shades
of Gray).

PLUS: Archie Goodwin’s and Jose Gonzalez’s classic Vampi tale “And Be
a Bride of Chaos” is newly recolored and remastered by Glass House
Graphics. Read one of the greatest Vampirella tales of all time as you’ve
never seen it!

The issue sports two stunning regular covers by Joe Jusko, his first
featuring the Blood Red Queen, and Stephen Segovia, re-imagining a
classic Vampi cover by Sanjulian!

Deluxe Virgin Editions of the Jusko and a Black and White Edition of
the Segovia covers limited to just 500 copies are also available. A
signed and numbered version of the Jusko Virgin Edition, limited to 200,
also available!

Each issue is 40 pages, full color and goes on sale April 25.

To order please use the following Diamond codes, also found on page 87
of the February 2007 Previews Order Form (V17#2):
*Vampirella Quarterly SPR 07 Segovia Reg #1  FEB3130  $4.95
*Vampirella Quarterly SPR 07 Jusko Reg #1  FEB3131  $4.95
*Vampirella Quarterly SPR 07 Segovia B&W Cvr #1  FEB3132  $19.95
*Vampirella Quarterly SPR 07 Virgin Jusko Cvr #1  FEB3133  $19.95
*Vampirella Quarterly SPR 07 Virgin Jusko S&N #1  FEB3134  $29.95


Elk’s Run Toronto Release Party!

We’re international superstars.  Or haven’t you heard?  Now, if I could only figure out an East Coast and European Release Party, I’d be in business.


But… we’re going out with a bang. Our final Industry Night on April 26th at the Victory Cafe will be an official Toronto Launch for Elk’s Run by local boy Noel Tuazon. Elk’s Run is being published by Random House which is a huge deal and I hope everyone will come out and buy a copy of the book from the Beguiling who will be selling copies. Noel will be on hand to talk about the book and sign copies. For more info check here: www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780345495112