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NRAMA: Writing this is Joshua Hale Fialkov, best known for his work on Elk’s Run and Western Tales of Terror. Why’d you seek him out to help you bring Vampirella back?BA: I’m always on the lookout for fresh voices and talent. I’d been in some contact with Joshua after Vampirella Comics Magazine reviewed his Western Tales series. It was very interesting to see someone act as a writer and editor on a horror anthology — it demonstrated that he knew how horror — good horror — should work.

Out of curiosity I’d gotten issues of Elk’s Run at my local comic shop and just enjoyed the hell out of them. It was a very different kind of comic than what was normally being put out there — something very real and extra-ordinary at the same time. In the meantime he’d sent me some pitches and I was impressed with his ideas and take on Vampi. He has the kind of approach I’m always looking to bring to the character so when I was looking to start a new series I immediately thought of him.

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Punks the Comic in Previews, Breaks New Records of Awesomeness

April 26th, 2007 – Los Angeles, CA — Independent sensation PUNKS THE COMIC makes its debut in the May issue of Previews, on stands today. This beloved before it’s existence book hits stands after a year of perfecting. It turns out that this was time well spent, as the book has been awarded the AWESOME PRIZE FOR AWESOMNESS from the purely fictional AWESOME SOCIETY OF STUTTGART. The A.S.S. (NO LAUGHING! THIS IS SERIOUS) chariman, Freidrich Von Rafaelson said in a funny fake German accent, “Ve are VERY EXCITED about ze release of Punks. It is purely awesome.” At the time of press, his accent sounded more Belgian than German.

Due to the staggeringly overwhelming coolness of the book, it has been listed in Diamond Previews FOUR times. You will find it under Digital Webbing on Page 294, with a black and white ad (due to restraints on the amount of free kickassitude allowed in Previews), as a part of the Diamond Staff Picks (which contrary to popular belief does not involve open sores), and as a part of the Indie Spotlight (take that Blankets!). It has also been awarded a certified cool, which, while not an actual ‘prize,’ in the parlance of press release etiquette, Josh and Kody will pretend it is.

“It’s an honor, and a privilege, to be certified cool,” Kody Chamberlain answered from his Lousiana based sanitarium, “Thus far, the things I’ve been certified in have mostly been on the… uh… tantric side of things.” He was then fed his pills and promptly returned to his ‘soft and cushy day room’ which those of us not flinging poo and touching ourselves in public would recognize as a padded cell.

If that is not enough, breaking laws in at least 58 of the 50 states (You probably still haven’t heard of Kiwupitatatas, it’s just north of New Mexico), PUNKS will be given out Free as a part of Free Comic Book Day on May 5th. Featured prominently in the Digital Webbing Free Comic Book Day Jam 2007. This exclusive three page story will not be featured anywhere else (until someone asks for content, and we’re running out of time, so we offer them the reprint anyways), and is a MUST GET!

Both Josh and Kody will be making appearances on Free Comic Book Day to promote Punks. Chamberlain (the long haired artist one) will be a guest at CAPE in Dallas, TX, and Fialkov (the hairy writer one) will be at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. Come by to have whatever portion of your body you reserve for being signed, signed.

The Punks the Comic Summer Special 2007 #1 is 48 pages, featuring a huge amount of story, plus interviews with Independent Comic Superstar Rick Remender and Punk Art Master Art Chantry. All of that in a digest sized, squared bound, full color package will cost you just $4.99.

The Diamond Order Info is MAY07 3402 PUNKS THE SUMMER COMICS SP (MR) SRP: $4.99

For more information, please visit the newly launched for previews, news, contests, and poorly told dick and fart jokes.

If you’d like to support the book by pre-ordering (which we highly encourage), please print this order form and drop it off at your local comic book shop.

Josh and Kody are available for follow up questions, interviews, shoe fittings, and embarassing noises.

Kryptographik Interviews Me

I talk about Elk’s Run, Vampi, Punks, and a slew of other stuff.  It’s a pretty long interview, so give it a listen, and enjoy.

Kryptographik Episode 10 arrives and to celerbrate we have a special episode.

We are joined by Joshua Fialkov who gives us his insite on the industry from the fall of Speak Easy to becoming the new writer for Vampirella. We talk about Elks Run and it’s sequel and everything else in between he has down with his comic career.

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Elk’s Run Toronto Release Party!

The Beguiling presents: Industry Night @ The Vic
Celebrating the release of Elk’s Run with artist Noel Tuazon, and Nick Cardy: Comic Strips, with editor Sean Menard
Thursday, April 26th at 7PM
The Victory Cafe, 581 Markham Street
(Near West of Bathurst and South of Bloor)

Elk’s Run: Nominated for seven Harvey Awards, this groundbreaking series has finally been collected by New York publishing entity Random House/Villard.

The town of Elk’s Run’s fanatical survivalist founders have sealed it off from the rest of the world, transforming it into a twisted hybrid of Mayberry and the Branch Davidian compound.
When a fatal accident leads to a revenge lynching and a series of murders, the town’s teenagers try to escape only to have their own parents hunt them down. The ensuing cat-and-mouse game involves a mine fire, a stockpile of napalm and a rash of terrorist plans.

In cooperation with Random House of Canada, artist Noel Tuazon will be on hand to discuss the genesis of Elk’s Run via an audo/visual presentation, and sign copies of this wonderful new collection.

“Damn fine comic making”

Brian Michael Bendis

“Really, really good”

Warren Ellis

Nick Cardy: Comic Strips: Nick Cardy has been a dynamic artistic force within the comic book industry for over 60 years. Beginning in 1939 with the Eisner/Iger shop through a number of important newspaper strips, a 25 year association with DC Comics and an extensive stint in advertising (TV Guide), magazines (Crazy, National Lampoon) and numerous movie posters (Star Wars, The Bad News Bears), 85 year old Nick Cardy continues to delight his ever-growing legion of fans with a multitude of commissions and special projects to this day.

While his work at DC has been often lauded, Cardy’s short, but bright career in newspaper strips has received minimal attention.

Nick Cardy: Comic Strips reviews Cardy’s entire strip catalogue beginning with Lady Luck (1942) through Batman (1972) and includes an archive of previously unpublished artwork.
Frecklebean Press editor/publisher Sean Menard has put together the definitive look at Cardy’s diverse newspaper strip work including his refreshing interpretation of Tarzan.

Come on our and support local Toronto comic authors, network with illustrators, artists, and more, and maybe even have a pint or two.

- Chris @ The Beguiling

More info: 

Duelin’ Fireman

Found on Metafilter

I remember hearing about this when I was a teenager. My two alt-type friends Dave and Neil and I were all about all of the crap this represents. Mostly Sub-Genius and Leary and the sheer absuirdism. Although, it was oftentimes only a theoretical interest, as we’d get a chance to actually experience the stuff and were always left feeling remarkably uncool. Like the first time I saw John Zorn play, and I was 13 and didn’t get it.

In retrospect, I owe a lot of my personality and interests to that culture. I wonder what happened to those two guys, too.

Pop Thought Interviews Me About Vampirella

Pop Thought — Land Of Frost Interviews

 The clothing, the body, the character’s obvious appeal to boys makes me question its validity as anything but a whacking material object. Is it softcore porn?

Unlike Powergirl or Spiderwoman or Supergirl or Batgirl or Wonder Woman or… C’mon. That’s a cop out question. This is a medium FILLED with unrealistic over-sexed half naked women (and men for that matter.) The only difference between Vampi and any of them from that stand point is that you’re familiar with the others. Vampi, in fact, stood as a BIG departure from that bullshit back in the day. She was a feminist icon, one who stood on her own two feet, managed to tell the men in her life what to do, and do it with a laugh.