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What do you always have with you?JF: My pocket watch, cell phone, and a pen. That way I can know the time, check it’s right, and then write it down on my hand.

KC: I always have a pocket-sized ink pen. The worst thing in the world is needing to draw something and not having a pen handy.

See? It gets weirder.

PR: Punks Creators Write Press Release



Los Angeles, CA – In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Punks co-creator Joshua Hale Fialkov decided to put together a press release announcing the shipping to comic shops and forthcoming release of PUNKS THE COMIC SUMMER SPECIAL #1.

“Well, Independent Comics are a tough racket… sort of like how it used to be at the Pictures, or in Stalinist Russia, y’know?  Lots of heavy labor and all you get is an affair of Mamie Van Doren and a kick up the bum.”  Fialkov said.  “So, with Digital Webbing releasing PUNKS THE COMIC this Wendesday, August 29th, and with independent comics being what they are, I thought a good Press Releasing was in order.”

The Press Release is the fiftieth or sixtieth Fialkov has written, and PUNKS co-creator Chamberlain thinks it’s a fine one.  “I figure by now, Josh had better know what he’s doing. Sure, he had some misfires, like ‘HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS COLD SORES IN PREVIEWS NOW!’ and ‘COMICS CREATOR ENCOURAGES CHILDREN TO EAT PASTE!’, but, after all of that, Josh has really learned the fine art of Press Release writing.”

The Press Release intends to make sarcastic fun of both Press Releases and independent comic creators so desperate for attention they’ll literally do anything.  One is reminded of the ‘BUY MY COMICS OR I’LL EAT THIS BABY’ headline that soured the entire Press Release industry last year.  However, in an ironic twist, this press release will also be a desperate plea to get attention for Fialkov and Chamberlain’s own independent comic book PUNKS THE COMIC which has been described by Warren Ellis as “One of the Best Singles of the Year.”  It has also been proven to cure genital warts.

To celebrate this press release, Fialkov will be holding a party at Burbank, California’s own HOUSE OF SECRETS COMICS from 5 to 7pm on Wednesday August 29th.  More information on the party can be found here:

More information on PUNKS THE COMIC can be found by visiting the website at http;//

ABOUT THIS PRESS RELEASES AUTHOR: Joshua Hale Fialkov has written Press Releases for Hoarse and Buggy Productions, SSS Comics, Common Sense RC, Robot Love Trade, Inc., Poop McPoopface Enterprises

ABOUT PUNKS THE COMIC: Punks the Comic is the dadadist sitcomic that’s taking the world by storm, at least by independent comic terms.  It’s available at finer comic shops everywhere this Wednesday, August 29th.  You can read a five page preview online here:

ABOUT THE CREATORS: Joshua Hale Fialkov is the Harvey Award Nominated creator of Elk’s Run, Western Tales of Terror, and writer of Vampriella and Cyblade,  Kody Chamberlain is beloved artist of 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales, Harper Collins’ forthcoming Beowulf Graphic Novel, and a virtual cavalcade of forthcoming projects.  They don’t live together, but if they did, they’d fight light cats and dogs.

ABOUT THE COMIC SHOP HOLDING OUR RELEASE PARTY: House of Secrets is Burbank’s finest comic establishment, with the finest selection of Silver Age and Modern books in the San Fernando Valley.  Their staff is friendly and well groomed, and the store is not scary for girlfriends or wives.  They’re located at W. 1930 Olive Ave. and can be found online at


Read the First Issue of Vampirella For Free


Here’s the press release.

Vampirella’s battle with the Blood Red Queen rages on in “Vengeance of Vampirella, Part 2” the lead story of Vampirella Quarterly: Summer 2007, in stores now! To mark it’s debut, Harris Comics is putting up “Vengeance of Vampirella, Part 1” in its entirety for free at so everyone can catch up on one of the most talked about Vampirella storylines ever. The story will be available for free only for a limited time.

In “Vengeance”, the fate of Vampi’s beloved Adam Van Helsing hangs in the balance, as she struggles with the Blood Red Queen! What terrible price will Vampi pay to get her long lost beloved back into her arms? Will that price be worth it? Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey nominated writer of Elk’s Run, with spectacular art by rising star Stephen Segovia (Witchblade: Shades of Gray). PLUS: Archie Goodwin’s and Jose Gonzalez’s classic Vampi tale “Death’s Dark Angel” is newly re-colored and re-mastered by Glass House Graphics. Read one of the greatest Vampirella tales of all time as you’ve never seen it!

The Quarterly sports two dynamic covers by Segovia. Deluxe Black and White Editions of each, limited to just 500 copies, are also available.

Each issue is 40 pages with no interior ads, full color and available for reorder.

To reorder please use the following Diamond codes:
*Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 CVR A #1 MAY07 3154 $4.95
*Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 LTD B&W CVR A #1 MAY07 3155 $19.95
*Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 CVR B #1 MAY07 3156 $4.95
*Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 LTD B&W CVR B #1 MAY07 3157 $19.95

Birthday Updates!

Birthday Updates from Fialkov

PUNKS the COMIC Summer Special #1
Featuring 48 pages of Abe, Fist, Skull, and Dog fighting aliens (occassionally) and punching things in the balls (mostly) will be unleashed to finer comic stores everywhere on Wednesday, August 29th.  Been described by Warren Ellis as “One of the best singles of the year.”  We’ve sent out PDF previews to several media outlets, but if you were somehow missed and would like to review/interview/fawn/despise us/it e-mail me back and we’ll get you the PDF.

We’re still working on organizing festivities to celebrate the book’s release, but, we do know for sure that the first one will be at House of Secrets Comics in Burbank from 5 to 7 when I myself will dance the dance of “Thank the sweet lord Zekapraka the book finally came out.”  It’s… embarassing to say the least.  The dancing that is.  House of Secrets and more info about them can be found here:

PUNKS was also featured in the first new issue of TRIPWIRE magazine with an exclusive three page never before paid for three page story (it’s actually a reprint of the Free Comic Book Day story.)  The magazine is actually a great time, so, go and check it out at your finer comic and magazine retailers.

More info on PUNKS is of course available at  and if you forgot to order it, you can still place an order at your local comic shop using order #MAY07 3402.

By the by, there will be a Winter Solstice issue in Previews in a few months.  Keep your eyes peeled for PUNKS THE COMIC CHRISTACULAR SPECIAL #1.  The cover is up on my blog if you like that sort of thing.

Vampirella Quarterly is still humming nicely along.  The second issue of the series is out this week with multiple covers galore, and stunning art from Stephen Segovia.  This guy quite simply one of the best artists working today, so take a look now so that when he’s making Batman explode The Joker you can say you knew him when.  More info on Vampi at

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS has a story by me with art by Chris Moeller in one of the upcoming issues.  I think it’s the one in next months Previews.  It’s an Outlaw Kid story and it is so freakin’ awesome.  Order number, etc., to follow once I have them.  Thanks to Andy and John for making my weird Marvel Western dreams come true!

I also have a story in the GENE SIMMONS HOUSE OF HORROR #2 Horror anthology from IDW Publishing.  Drawn by the awesome Andy Kuhn, It’s available for pre-order NOW with order #AUG07 3771

The FUTURE of GRAPHIC LITERATURE is a panel held at the Los Angeles Public Library’s Central Library in Downtown L.A. at the end of September.  Scheduled to appear along with me, are Mark Waid (of well… y’know… everything), Ross RIchie (of Boom Studios), Christos Gage (of Marvel/Wildstorm fame), Kazu Kibuishi (of Flight), and Tony Fleecs (of In My Lifetime and a couple of cool unannounced projects),   It’ll be a long form discussion of the future of comics by a bunch of people who not only work in it, but work in radically different aspects of the business.   We’re still finalizing details, but it looks like there’ll be a little ‘mini-con’ afterwards wherein we’ll all sign and sell books.  A good time for all.

A press release, etc. will follow shortly.

Of course, don’t forget Elk’s Run (available at finer book, comic, and online retailers), Postcards (also the same), and keep checking the blog for more news etc.

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