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Comics Should Be Good! » What I bought – 28 December 2007

Fialkov is obviously having a blast writing almost stream-of-consciousness stuff, and Chamberlain uses random pictures smashed together to give it a dream-like feel (check out the cover for an example). It’s a wild book, and I encourage you to hunt it down. Get to it!

Hooray for Jesus and CBR!

Things Learned Whilst Crippled with a Back Injury

30 Rock is much better than I gave it credit for.  I watched the first few episodes as they aired, but, the quality goes through the roof not to long after where I quit.  I also had missed the pilot, which I think is infinitely better than the three or four that come afterwards.

Veronica Mars Season 2, while not as good as Season 1, is equally as addicting.  The mini-mysteries from episode to episode really sing, and it’s a big help.  Add a big helping of Ken “I Wanna Dip My Balls in It” Marino makes it that much better.  It really was one of the best shows of the decade, wasn’t it?

Progresso’s Wedding Soup is the shit.

The Blackberry is perfect for those unable to move ones arms and sit up straight.

I’m considerably more resilient than I was a few years ago.  I blew my back out five years ago, and I feel like it took a week or more before I was moving around.  This time, I’m already walking and sitting up within the first day.

And finally, my wife is amazing.   I’ve never had anyone be so attentive, caring, and ready to help.

Christina’s Sick…

I’d planned on doing that Sweeney Todd review, and talking more about end of the year-y stuff, but, both Christina and I were sick, and while I miraculously recovered, she’s still zonked out, so I’ve been taking care of her full time.  So, y’know, back later.