End of an Era or What a long strange trip it’s been…

This week marks the release of ECHOES in Hardcover form.  It’s a uniquely beautiful package that I’m immensely proud of.  It’s twenty bucks and worth every penny, if I do say so myself.

It’s also the last creator owned book I’ll do before the launch of I,Vampire, Iron Man 2.0, and assorted other work for hire books.  The past six months or so have been massively busy between all of my corporate work and work on LAST OF THE GREATS and DEEP VALLEY (both of which are discussed along with my mainstream work in these video pieces over at MTV Geek.)

That’s something I’ve been working towards for almost a decade.  It’s been an arduous, at times frustrating, process that, frankly, I wouldn’t change for anything.  I mean sure, I could probably live without Speakeasy going bankrupt or the nine month, ahem, printing process on TUMOR, or the fights and falling outs and fucking overs… But…

I’m a better writer.  Every one of those experiences taught me something else about being a writer, both from a creative and a business stand point.  Had I been given these opportunities even as recently as two years ago, I don’t know that I’d be as able to meet the challenges as I am now.

I’m exactly where I should be doing exacty what I was born to do, and honest to god, I love every minute of it.

In housekeeping news – be sure to preorder LAST OF THE GREATS, I,VAMPIRE, and IRON MAN 2.0, yes?

A Letter to the #ComicMarket

Hello Comic Lovers/Retailers/Advocates/Friends,

For around ten years now, I’ve been working on the outskirts of the industry writing genre fiction with a literary twist to great critical acclaim.  This year, I’ve made huge inroads towards doing just that for Marvel and DC.  From a business stand point this has been my most successful year.  I was given the opportunity to write the final three issues of SUPERMAN/BATMAN for DC Comics to great critical acclaim, as well as to relaunch I,VAMPIRE as part of the new 52.  I’ve got a high profile Marvel gig that should be announced any day now, following up on very well received one shots including MARVEL GIRL and RAMPAGING WOLVERINE, plus the forthcoming MONKEY KING #1.  Oh, I’ve also got a DOCTOR WHO story in the upcoming annual, a story in Vertigo’s UNEXPECTED anthology due later this year, and a bunch of other things not yet known.

But, knowing both my existing audience and the audience who will hopefully be drawn to my work for Marvel and DC, now is also the perfect time for me to launch more creator owned work.  So, I hope that if readers come into your store having read Superman/Batman or I, Vampire, or the unannounced Marvel thing, and say, “Who is this guy?” you make sure to have copies of my Eisner and Harvey nominated TUMOR, Three Time Harvey Nominated ECHOES, and, the debut of my brand new Image Comics ongoing series THE LAST OF THE GREATS in stock.

Especially of note, this week is the final order cutoff for ECHOES, so please place your orders now.  There was a bit of confusion on the system side about the book, but I assure you it is available and will be in stores three weeks from tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful, thick hardcover with a gorgeous die-cut slip jacket, and an absolute steal at only $20.

Each title above is a link to a mini-site including previews and order info for the books.

Thanks for reading, and most of all, thank you for the support over the past decade that has gotten me where I am today.  I could not be happier, and couldn’t have done it without you.