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World’s End

So, so, so. The other project I'm working on has it's own little page up over at There you'll find some concept stuff, info about the book, and, the World's End Working Blog. This is where Keating, J-Rod, and Myself are hoping to portray exactyl what it's like to make a comic, from conceptian to final publishing. So, go by, bookmark, and keep an eye out. We'll be putting up most everything we do, as we do it.

Added Some New Stuff on the Side There

There's a little RSS feed of my thing, so you can see what i'm listening to, and I added a blog roll. Thinking about mounting a redesign of the blog, but I've been swamped just trying to keep up with the three new projects, my freelancing work, and trying to figure out what happens with the rest of my life. So I need a nice distraction, I suppose, I just don't know that I can afford the time to do it.


Also of note, I started getting art in on my other new project with an artist y'all should know and love. I'll announce it officially once we're more than a few pages in (hate to jinx things). It's been shown to the brain trust, and everyone's pretty ecstatic about it. It's a much more sophisticated action piece than Western Tales of Terror, while still being considerably more accessible than Elk's Run. It's even got a clearly descriptive title that's not quite so on the nose. I do listen to Warren Ellis' advice afterall.


Elk's Run 6 is going into lettering as soon as Keating finishes colors (which should be any day now) and issue 7 is at least half penciled if not more at this point. It's my favorite of the bunch, and makes getting through the script for issue 8 (le grande finale') tremendously daunting. So much so that I've managed to start (and script) three other projects rather than work on it. This week is it though. I'm putting the son of a bitch to bed, and moving on whole heartedly, and with joy to the next projects.


Is this format strange?


Got quite a bit of feedback (although you wouldn't know with how none of you bastards post in the comments) on Punk (as seen below), even had a few publishers sniff around. That's good. It'll be nice to have something come out that a large cross section of people will actually be interested in that I also enjoy writing. Like I said before, doing it feels like it makes my brain stretch, and that's a good thing.


Being that tonight is my night off (I have transcriptions, a job interview, and Elk's Run 8 to do this weekend), I watched The Jacket (beautifully shot, well acted, hell, even pretty well scripted, and yet... eh. The endng's just not there,) 12 Monkeys (after The Jacket I figured I'd watched the clone, might as well watch the masterpiece it liberally takes from as well), and the first half of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I can't remember what I said about it when it originally came out (it's somewhere in the archives here), in watching it for what is my third time (twice in the theater, dammit), it's finally gotten to the 'Alright, this movie doesn't work anymore' phase for me. Which is a shame. I've listened to the radio show, read the books, watched the BBC show, and played the video game constantly throughout my life. And they never get old. The movie... eh... They softened it too much in the wit and fury departments, and inflated the zany and quirky to a point where it eclipses the other more important aspects of the film. Yes. The Lemon Juice helmet is a funny addition... but, we've got a main character who's reduced to being a babbling idiot for the sake of it. Just hurts the overall movie when all of your protaganists are bumbling idiots except for the one character who seems to get kidnapped constantly.

Anyways, go read the book. It's worth it.


Now, to bed I go.

Right, so… Here’s the Dilly-o.

Doing some house-keeping and reorganizing. As you could tell, did some re-coloring on here, thought it was time for something a little... grayer. I don't know. Anyways, I've sort of organized my ideas for what I want each online spot to be.

First, this blog, will continue pretty much as it is. All purpose news for whatever I'm doing, whatever's coming out, and random pictures of me looking miserable.

One of the things I've wanted to do was sort of an 'idea blog' just a place to put ideas down and keep them for later, plus maybe open discussions about it with other people. I finally settled on making it a Live Journal page, cause I like how the comments there work. Seems functional. So, you can see that page (complete with the first nugget) here.

Then, there's the MySpace blog, which'll be just my rantings and ravings about the media and the news and all the unpopular opinions that all of my friends hate me for.

Finally, make sure you keep checking the Hoarse and Buggy site and the Speakeasy Forums for updates and such, which'll become much more regular in the new year.

As to 'regularity,' I'd bank on this blog being updated the most (close to every day), the LiveJournal at least once a week, and the MySpace every once in a while. I'll probably cross-post to keep you guys abreast of what's updated.