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Josh’s TV Roundup

Taking today off, which means, I've been doing my TV catch up.  I figured, I'd manage to make it all worthwhile, and give my TV roundup. 24 - It's certainly the best it's been since the first half of season one, but, it's always so close to exploding in a cloud of illogic that it hurts.  If you remove Kiefer Sutherland's performance from the show, it would be at best JAG like in quality.  And, now that most of the original cast is gone, it's filled up with some of the worst acting this side of tech guy Edgar.  Jebus.

Gilmore Girls - Well, it's not the same without the Palladinos.  It's not as good, but, for what was one of the most engaging, consistent show on all of TV, that doesn't mean it's bad.  I think a lot of people jumped off when it seemed like the show was being contradictory with the whole 'money buys happiness' thing, but, well, where the last new episode left off, it still comes down to the core message of the show, as long as they have each other...

LOST - Hey, most improved show of the year, I'd say.  Last season was a mess of threads with some compelling concepts mixed in.  This year, is lean and tight, with a smart laser eye focus on moving the story forward.  I credit Brian K. Vaughan.  But that's only because I know him, and like to build my friends up to mythic proportions.  (Gary Dauberman can move mountains with his mind.)

VERONICA MARS - Poor Veronica Mars.  The best mystery show on TV got saddled with a bizarre split season plot format that goes against the whole gimmick of the show thus far.  and it suffers for it.  It's still great, but, I fear that if the rumors of next years format changes are true, the show's going to keep stepping further and further away from what made the first season so amazing.

SCRUBS - Of everything on TV, I'd say I watch the most episodes of Scrubs.  I watch the reruns all day long while I'm writing.  And, no matter how many times I see them (Comedy Central seems to play the same 10 episodes on a constant fucking repeat), I'm always drawn in and thoroughly entertained.  Except for the current season.  Last week's episode was the closest in form to the true greatness of the show, but, it's becoming even worse than a parody of itself... it's become typical sitcom trash.  For shame.

STUDIO 60 - I had a long conversation with Christopher Long and Jonah Weiland about Studio 60.  I think the big downside to the show was that the first three or four episodes were so far above just about anything else on TV.  I've never been a huge Sorkin fan, but Studio 60 hooked me right away.  It captures what it's like to work in TV pretty damn accurately, and managed to make Matthew Perry into a tolerable (even impressive) character actor instantly.  And then, it started softening up... the politics went from compelling to whiney, the drama leaned towards melodrama, and unfortunately, became more maudlin than entertaining.  It's still pretty good though, I don't know what all the hate is about.

The Office - Yeah. It's still amazing.  Even that re-edited hour version of those two reruns that aired this week was fantastic.  It's really a joy to watch, and a pleasure to share with friends and family.

Andy Barker, P.I. - It's a fucking blast.  I'm a big fan, and recommend it.  That is all.

How It's Made - The best show on TV. It's footage of Factories making random objects with a soothing voice over explaining what's going on.  It's so god damn outstanding.  Hooray for Discovery HD!