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NYC & New Haven Schedule

Hey gang -I’ve got a busy busy week in NYC coming up, including a day at the University of New Haven, so here’s the where’s and when’s.

Tuesday 7pm - Comic Book Club Live with Josh Williamson @ Fontana’s 105 Eldridge St, New York, NY

Wednesday 6:30pm - University of New Haven - Alumni Lounge in Bartels Campus Center - Talk and signing with Joshua Williamson

Thursday 3:15pm - NYCC - ComiXology Panel - Room 1A08 4:30 - NYCC - Signing - ComiXology Booth

Friday 6:00pm - NYCC - Dark Horse Comics Signing

Saturday 4:00pm - NYCC -Marvel Cup o’ Joe Panel

Sunday 1:00pm - Marvel Signing - Marvel Comics Booth

Fairly limited appearances this time, and, of couse, feel free to bring any books to any signing, no matter the publisher.

See you this week!


GONE AWAY... On Signings and Conventions and Funereal Duties

The next month or so, I'm hitting the road for a BUNCH of events, most of them to celebrate the end of I, Vampire. Celebrate might not be the word I mean.

First, on April 24th, I'll be signing at both Mayhem Comics locations, joined by my LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT collaborator (and genius of many trades) Phil Hester. 11am - 1pm I'll be at the Ames store, and then 4pm till whenever people stop showing up, I'll be at the Des Moines store. My parents live in Des Moines, so, y'know, make sure to tell them how awesome I am so that stop telling me that I should go to Law School.

Then, I'll be C2E2 signing and panelling with the Marvel folk, as well as joining Comics Experience maestro Andy Schmidt for a Writing Comics Panel. More info forthcoming, including signing times and all that.

Next up is Free Comic Book Day. I'll join the gang at Metropolis Comics in Bellflower, CA from 10am till 1pm, and I'll have some great folk like Tone Rodriguez, the Houghton Brothers, Rob Worley, Shannon Denton, and more fun and surprises. I have some ultra rare old comics of mine that I found recently, that might just be coming along to be given out for free. So come by!

And then, the amazing gang at Collector's Paradise in Winnetka are having a Wake for I, Vampire. We're still in the planning stages, but it's going to be an, ahem, Irish style wake, with drinks and music, and stories that'll curl your toes. That's going to be on Saturday, May 11th in the evening. More details forthcoming.

And WAAAY off in June, I'll be at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic-Con, including teaching some writing classes. More info forthcoming at

That's the big stuff, so keep your schedules open, and I'll see you there!



Hey gang - I'll be heading out to New York Comic Con this week.  I'm still working through my back injury (which you know about from my twitter, right?) so I'm going to only have extremely limited signing times.

As follows:

Friday - Noon - DC Comics Signing

Saturday - 11am - DC Comics Signing

Saturday - Noon - DC Comics New 52 Panel

Sunday - 2:45 - Dynamite Comics Panel

I'll be announcing a new project at the Dynamite Comics Panel, but aside from that, it should be business as usual.  Hope to see you at the show!



Harvey Awards & SDCC!

Hey folks,No small thanks to you guys, ECHOES was once again nominated for a slew of Harvey Awards. If you're a comics professional you can vote for us (and a bunch of my friends including Justin Jordan, Jeff Lemire, Francesco Francavilla, Nate Edmondson, and Mark Waid (although, not against me) and this link:

And of course, San Diego Comic-Con is upon us again, and, I'll be there, signing and spouting off.

As of now, the plan is the following:

THURSDAY 11:30 am - DC DARK Panel 4pm - DC Entertainment Signing - I, VAMPIRE 7pm - Comics & Magic Panel 8pm Onward - CBLDF Party

FRIDAY 1pm - Horror on the Printed Page Panel 4pm - Top Cow Signing - ECHOES 10am - Tricketer Symposium (Tickets and info here: 4pm - Comics Experience Writing Panel 7pm - Comics Experience Advanced Writing Panel

SUNDAY 11am - IDW Publishing Signing - DOCTOR WHO 2pm - DC Comics - I,VAMPIRE


I'm pretty sure I'll be adding more as the week approaches, so be sure to follow me on Twitter @joshfialkov or keep checking the Blog which I'll do my best to update.

Have a great San Diego and thanks of reading,




Hey folks!This weekend I'll be joining the extremely talented quartet of Ed Brubaker, Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo, and Sonia Oback (as well as some guy named 'Kyle Higgins', who I've heard nothing but bad things about) at Collector's Paradise in Winnetka, CA.  This will also be my daughter's first signing event, so, please come by from 12 till 3 to watch me chase my kid around and occasionally sign books.

Next weekend is the second annual Long Beach Comic Expo.  This is a small one day show that's a part of the bigger Long Beach Comic Con that happens around Halloween.

This year, I'll be hosting TWO workshops with friend, collaborator, and all around smart guy, Rob Levin.  These Seminars last two hours, have extremely limited seating, and will cover how to break into comics and what to do once you're there.

Each individual seminar costs $45 (including admission to the show), or you can do BOTH seminars for a paltry $55.  That's a full day of intimate knowledge from two veterans of the indie and mainstream comic world.  More info, and sign up here:

Please feel free to repost, forward, tweet, or facebook about the seminars.

Thanks for reading and see you folks in a few weeks!


Long Beach Comic Expo - Workshops Announced!

Hey folks,Similar to last years two hour workshop with Mark Waid, I'm going to be hosting a couple of them for the show, this time with editor, writer, and gentleman extraordinaire, Rob Levin. Here's the press release with details and you can buy seats in the class at this link.

Long Beach Comic Expo Announces Workshops!

Fialkov and Levin to Host In-Depth Seminars

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 20, 2012. Long Beach Comic Con presents the Comic Expo on May 12th at the Long Beach Convention Center with special workshops by critically-acclaimed writer Joshua Hale Fialkov (I, Vampire, Last of the Greats, Doctor Who, Echoes) and veteran writer/editor Rob Levin (7 Days From Hell, Abbatoir).

Fialkov and Levin will be hosting two seminars on May 12th. The first one is titled ‘Intro to Careers in Comics’ and will last for 2 intense hours. This session will feature the art of breaking in, the process of writing, finding collaborators and getting your book made. The second 2 hour workshop will be titled ‘Advanced Careers in Comics’ and will provide an in-depth look at the business side of writing and producing comic books. Advance registration is required and there is an additional fee. Seating is extremely limited to only thirty people and tickets are available on the website now (

"Rob and I have twenty years combined experience in the comics business, and we're thrilled for the chance to share our years with another great crop of Long Beach Comic Expo attendees." said Joshua Hale Fialkov (Eisner, Harvey, and Emmy nominated writer of the graphic novels ECHOES, TUMOR, ELK'S RUN, and the LAST OF THE GREATS).

“When we decided to add programming to the one day Comic Expo, we were thrilled with the response from both the creative community and the attendees. Having the chance to collaborate with industry veterans like Josh and Rob on programming is one of the biggest perks of my job.” said Phil Lawrence, Director of the Long Beach Comic Con.

For a complete list of events, guests, activities, ticket prices and times, visit for Long Beach Comic Expo are on sale now through the website and will also be available at many Southern California comic book and hobby shops, including WSS Shoe Stores and their Geeky Mamma stores.


Hey folks,This weekend I'll be in Anaheim at Wondercon. I'll be set up alongside Convention pal Tony Fleecs at Artist Alley Table 12 all weekend. Additionally, you can spot me here:

Friday 3pm Signing @ DC Comics

Saturday 10:30am Hosting the Spotlight on Richard Starkings Panel 1pm DC Comics Panel 2pm Signing @ DC Comics 4pm MTV Geek Panel

Sunday 12:30 Hosting the Spotlight on Steve Niles Panel 4pm Signing @ DC Comics

I'll have advance copies of the Last of the Greats TPB on hand, as well, as ECHOES, TUMOR, DOCTOR WHO, and of course I,VAMPIRE!

See you this weekend!


NYCC Signing Schedule

Hey guys,You can catch me in NYC all week for New York Comic Con at the following times and places.

Thursday NYCC Preview Night Party - 8pm - Signing with Eric Wallace, Kyle Higgins, Sterling Gates, Mike Costa, and Brent Peeples - Jim Hanley's Universe - 4 West 33rd St.

Friday 12pm - Image Comics Signing - with Rahsan Ekedal and Brent Peeples 1pm - #ComicMarket Tweet Up - Booth 1969 2pm - DC Comics Signing

Saturday 12:15pm - Image Comics Panel - Room 1A15 2:30pm - Dc Comics Dark/Edge Panel - Room 1A22 5pm - Image Comics Signing - with Rahsan Ekedal and Brent Peeples

Sunday 11am - Image Comics Signing - with Rahsan Ekedal and Brent Peeples 2pm - DC Comics Signing

There will also be an exclusive NYCC #comicmarket Variant cover of Last of the Greats #1 from, more information on his twitter account

See you all at the show!



Hey folks!Back again for another San Diego Comic-Con!  We'll be premiering the collected edition of the ECHOES Hardcover from Top Cow/Minotaur Press with an ultra limited special edition made just for the show.  I'll also have pages from my upcoming Image Comics series THE LAST OF THE GREATS (website here: on hand to show off.  Plus, if you ask nicely, I may tell you who I may just be turning into a Vampire in I,Vampire from DC Comics.  (Clue his name rhymes with Duperdan.)

Anyways, on to the schedule!

WEDNESDAY JULY 20th ECHOES SIGNING - Top Cow Booth - 7pm - 8pm

THURSDAY JULY 21st ECHOES SIGNING - Top Cow Booth - 10am - 12pm HORROR IN COMICS PANEL - Room 24ABC - 1:30pm - 2:30pm SUPERMAN/BATMAN & iVAMPIRE SIGNING - DC COMICS - 4pm - 5pm TUMOR SIGNING - Archaia Booth - 5pm - 5:45pm

FRIDAY JULY 22nd ECHOES SIGNING - Top Cow Booth - 4pm - 6pm EISNER AWARDS 8:30 till Wednesday Comics beats us!

SATURDAY JULY 23rd TOP COW PANEL - 11:30am - 12:30pm DC DARK PANEL - 12:45pm - 1:45pm TUMOR SIGNING - Archaia Booth - 3:30 - 4:30 ECHOES SIGNING - Top Cow Booth - 5:30pm - 6:30pm

SUNDAY JULY 24th ECHOES SIGNING - Top Cow Booth - 12pm - 2pm

Okay, that's out of the way.

Also of note, there was a mix up in the order system for comic shops regarding the ECHOES HC.  There is a very good chance that your shop DID NOT order books, even if you requested one.  So, please, tell your local retailer that the book IS available, and will be in stores in August, and to place an order.

You can also mention that it was nominated for THREE Harvey Awards and that you think it's awesome.

Thank you so much for reading, and looking forward to seeing y'all at the show!



Hey folks, I'll be at Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  I'm making limited appearances.  I'll be signing at: IMAGE COMICS - Saturday 2pm - 3pm

ARCHAIA - Saturday 3pm - 4pm

And that's it!  But, my beloved collaborators RAHSAN EKEDAL and TONY FLEECS will both be there all weekend long at their respective artist alley tables, where if you stop by, you might just find me hanging out. More info on the show at See you this weekend!



Hey folks,
First off, I've got a brand new book coming down the pike, this time with the amazing Rahsan Ekedal (  It's a suspense horror book called ECHOES published by Top Cow (
The first issue is a part of their First Look trade which is in stores this month, and then Issue 1 will drop in December.  Issue 1 is available for pre-order right now.  Just head to your local comic shop and tell them you want to order the whole series.  All five issues are complete, and the book will be released on time and quickly!
We also have a production blog at and a Twitter @echoescomic
If you're a journo or want to lend a quote to the PR of the book, just drop me a line and I'll see about getting you a PDF of the whole thing!
Also, this coming weekend I'll be at the New York Comic Con at the Javitz Center in New York City.  I'm coming in for a huge announcement involving MTV Geek ( and some old and new books of mine.  I'll also be doing brief signings for Archaia and Top Cow.  Schedule as follows:
Friday - 3pm - Archaia Booth - Signing Tumor
Saturday - 11am - MTV Geek Panel
Saturday - 1:15 - Top Cow Panel
Saturday - 2:30 - Top Cow Booth - Signing Top Cow First Look (Echoes #1)
So, please, check out Echoes, and NYC folk, I'll see you this weekend!

San Diego Comic Con Cometh!

Hey folks!Next week brings us the annual monstrosity of awesomeness that is San Diego Comic-Con. As per usual, I'll be there, signing, talking, and meeting-ing.

Excitingly, I'll also be premiering a brand new book from Top Cow Productions with my Cleaners co-creator Rahsan Ekedal! The book is... well, not announced yet, but, there's a sneaky sneak peek right here:

Come by the Top Cow booth (#2629) and pick it up. It's a huge value ( i really wish I could explain that, but, it's a con exclusive announcement!) and I'm immensely proud of the work Rahsan and I have done. The book is a black and white horror/thriller, perfect for fans of both Rahsan and my other work. I really hope you get a chance to check it out!

Of course, I'll be signing copies of that book as well as the recently released TUMOR. My schedule for the weekend is as follows.

Thursday TUMOR Signing - Archaia Comics - Booth 2635 - 11am till 1:30pm TOP COW Signing - Top Cow Productions - Booth 2629 - 5:30pm till 6:30pm

Friday TUMOR Signing - Archaia Comics - Booth 2635 - 2pm - 3:30pm TOP COW Signing - Top Cow Productions -Booth 2629 - 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Saturday TUMOR Signing - Archaia Comics - Booth 2635 - 11:30am - 1:00pm TOP COW Panel - Room 9 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm TOP COW Signing - Top Cow Productions - Booth 2629 - 2:30 - 3:00pm Digital Comics Panel - Room 3 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm (Featuring R. Stevens, Dylan Meconic, and Robert Berry)

Sunday TUMOR Signing - Archaia Comics - Booth 2635 - 11:00am - 1:00pm TOP COW Signing - Top Cow Productions - Booth 2629 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

The Top Cow and Archaia booths are right next to each other, so, if you're looking for me at one and don't see me, try the other one!

I'm really excited both about the new book and getting a chance to show Tumor off to all of you, so, please come on by!

See you in San Diego!



Hey gang,After much waiting, TUMOR will be available from your local comic book shop this coming Wednesday the 9th. To find your nearest comic shop visit and ask them for TUMOR from Archaia Comics. if they didn't already order it, they should be able to order it from Diamond, no problem.

Also, to celebrate, I'm doing a couple of events on Wednesday. First off, at Collector's Paradise in Winnetka. I'll be there from 12 till 2pm, and you can find out more info here:

Then, at 7pm, come and join me at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood for a release party and signing. There will be beer, food, and much celebrating. More info on that event here:

If you run a shop in L.A. and would like me to swing by and sign copies, just drop me a line, and I'll see what to do. If you're a journo interested in promoting the book, same thing.

And please, if you're a fan of what Noel and I do, let people know about the book and the events. Independent comics rely entirely on word of mouth and recommendations, so, every good word helps.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be slowly disappearing as Christina and I will be welcoming our first child into the world, so, in case I don't get to say it, thank you all for the support and love the past year.

See you next week!


Pasadena Rockin' Comic Con

Hey folks,I'll be appearing this weekend at the Pasadena Rockin' Comic Con with copies of Tumor for sale. I'll be set up in Artist Alley, either on my own or with Tony Fleecs.

Also appearing are cool folk like Batton Lash, Bernie Wrightson, and Stan Lee. So, you may be asking yourself, what makes this show "Rockin'"? Well, that would be that its also a music festival, headlined by those princes of New Wave Flock of Seagulls.

It's a truly weird weekend, so, go check out their site, and make sure you come by and say Hullo!

See you there!


Free Comic Book Day 2010!

Hey folks,Tomorrow is that most beloved of nerd holidays known as Free Comic Book Day. That means I'll be out and about signing books. I'm just hitting one shop tomorrow, as opposed to last year's round robin. This year you'll find me at the much beloved Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA.

I'll be there with my Tumor/Alibi/Cyblade editor (and writer extraordinaire) Rob Levin, and Rahsan (Cleaners, Crazies, Creepy, Echoes) Ekedal. We should arrive around 11am and stick around till at least 3pm.

More info on their shop here:

And, if you're not in the area, but still want the free comics, go to to find your nearest shop.

Hopefully, I should have word on the release of Tumor in the next few days, so keep your eyes on your inbox, or follow me on twitter at for more info.

See you on the flip side.


LA Times Festival of Books!

Hey folks,Just a quick word. I'll be signing on Saturday at the Archaia booth at the LA Times Festival of Books at UCLA. This is a free book festival that is an amazing way to spend an afternoon. If you live in L.A. and have never gone, you're missing out.

I'll have copies of Tumor on hand (including a few of the hand numbered ones, I believe), and, depending on the parking situation, I may even bring some of my other stuff.

I'll be signing from 11am (I would guess I'd be there for about two hours total) at the Archaia Booth (#756) which I believe is in the Hero Complex Pavilion.

And, as previously mentioned, today is the last day for the Harvey Nominations. You can find out what I'm eligible for and how to nominate Tumor at this link:

See you this weekend!



Hey folks,I'm wrapping up my work and getting ready to head out to Chicago for C2E2 in the morning. For those who don't know, this is the show by the guys who do NYCC, which is an amazingly good time every year, so I have very high hopes. More info on the show here:

I'm especially excited as, after much delay, there will be copies of the TUMOR Hardcover available for purchase all weekend! There's a limited supply of these advance copies, and I aim to sell all of them! My schedule's below, and I hope to see you all there.

FRIDAY APRIL 16th - 4:30pm Archaia Comics - Booth 545 5:30pm Top Cow Productions - Booth 551

SATURDAY APRIL 17th - 10:30am Top Cow Productions - Booth 551 11:30am Archaia Comics - Booth 545 1:45 Archaia Comics Panel - Room E351 Following the panel, I'll be hanging around the Archaia booth signing books in an unofficial capacity.

SUNDAY APRIL 18th - 10:30am Top Cow Productions -Booth 551 1:00pm Archaia Comics - Booth 545

Of course, if you're looking for me to sign anything or just to say hi, you can track my whereabouts via twitter (

Here's to the start of another amazing con season!


Catching Up

Sigh. I apologize for disappearing into Twitter.  It's tough, because it's so much easier to jot down thoughts than it is to write something substantial.  So, here's quick recap of what's what in the land of Fialkov.

Tumor - huge production and printing problems have knee-capped the book.  We're hoping to see it released sometime next month, which, considering Noel, Rob, and I turned in a final version sometime in October is a bit horrifying.  I wish there was something I could do to get it out, but, alas, it's been out of my hands for quite a while, and there's not much I can do about it.  In the meantime, I hope you're following Noel's new blog at

Fialkov/Ekedal Book - Rahsan and I have a new book that's compeltely written and about 2/5ths drawn. It'll be released/announced by Top Cow, hopefully later this year. It's a serial killer book, and in a lot of ways, I feel like it's a spiritual sequel to Tumor, although, technically, it's set in the same world as Elk's Run. This is not noticeable by anybody but me. Yet. Follow Rahsan's amazing work at both his portfolio site and his blog. Rahsan, you'll remember, drew The Cleaners from Dark Horse which had my name on it despite my not working on it that much at all. He also drew The Crazies issue that I wrote that came out last month.

Fialkov/Fleecs Book - Coming 2010/2011 from Oni Press. This is a Sci-Fi Comedy that's sort of a cross between what the amazing Mr. Fleecs does and what Kody and I do on Punks. It'll hopefully wind up being one of those manga style long form series that everybody goes all ga-ga for. It's been a blast collaborating with Tony on it, and I think that really comes through in the script and art.

Fialkov/Tuazon Book - It looks like Noel and I may try to raise some money to do our third book via Kickstarter. I have a couple of projects in mind, including the long gestating Three Rivers, a non-zombie zombie book, or possibly a Y.A. horror/adventure book I've been working on. More to come.

Upcoming Appearances: This weekend I'll be at Wondercon, signing at Top Cow from 12-2 on Saturday and the early afternoon on Sunday. I'll also be spending time at Rahsan's table in Artist Alley. I'll also be at the kickass Isotope Party Saturday night.

Following that, it looks like I'll be at C2E2 in Chicago, theoretically with advance copies of Tumor on hand. Will confirm once we're a little closer. Then, of course, you'll be able to find me at San Diego Comic Con, and, in October, at Long Beach Comic Con.

Life Changing Stuff: For those who don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, Christina and I are having a baby girl. She's due in June, and we couldn't be more excited. There'll be more on her pretty soon.

And that's that. I'm hoping to start posting and talking at length about what I'm working on and what's going on in my life a bit more, and I apologize for the absenteeism.