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The Wedding

As you can see from the charming pictures of Christina and I with our officiant, Charles Phoenix ( the wedding was a whole lot of fun. We had folks in from across the globe (Australia! Canada! Paris!) and from all around the country (Des Moines! Pittsburgh! DC!) and a good time was had by all.

I'm still debating about whether or not to put up more pictures from the day (I try and keep the personal life stuff as separate as possible from the blog stuff, after all) so let me know if you want to see more.


My Desk

My Desk My Desk, originally uploaded by Joshua Hale Fialkov.

For the Flickr Deskset Group started by Matt Fraction. That's my 20" iMac with my 22" Samsung external playing the Daily Show. My TV with PS2 in the background. Wall art from clockwise from top left, Elk's Run Release Party banner, Hung Up production poster, Nate Bellegarde Hector Plasm, Postcards postcard, Scott Mills Martian Manhunter, Poorly Drawn Animals buttons, Pop Gun War print by Farel Dalrymple, Western Tales of Terror cover by Tony Moore, a Two Fisted Tales cover, a production still from my movie, some PDA art, and my favorite, a Stan Sankai Usagi print.

Heading off for Wondercon

Bright and early tomorrow morning, Christina, Mark "The Messengers" Wheaton, and I will be heading off to the glorious Bay Area for a weekend of comics and relaxation.  I'll be milling around talking to folks, and stopping by some friendly booths.  Keep an eye out for me.  I'll be around.  See you at the show.

Three Rivers Chapter 1 is LIVE!

Hey Gang,Just a quick note.  The first chapter of Three Rivers went live this morning.  The Prelude from last week has been moved into the archive.  You can access the full archives, including exclusive comics by Noel and I for a measly buck a month.

All of that and more here:

We got a ton of hits when we announced, and the feedback's been great.  Please, keep the feedback coming!

Secondly, the Hoarse and Buggy site has been relaunched, minus the online store, but, with plenty of info and links to keep you busy.  We're still beta testing it, so, if you see anything wrong please let us know.

That can of course be viewed here:
Finally, thanks to everybody who stopped by the Random House booth at New York Comic Con, where they had the very first copies of the complete Elk's Run for your viewing pleasure.  I've heard the reaction was great, and everyone who saw the book said it was spectacular.  I'll give you a first hand report as soon as I get my hands on one.

Thanks again for all of your support, and don't forget ER-Day on March 27th! -- Joshua Hale Fialkov

Just in for Valentine’s Day… Fialkov & Tuazon’s Three Rivers

Fwd: Just in for Valentine's Day... Fialkov & Tuazon's Three Rivers

Originally uploaded by Joshua Hale Fialkov.

Hey gang,

First off, Happy Valentines Day. There's an Elk's Run Valentine's Day Card above, feel free to print it out and threaten people with it.

Secondly, just wanted to take a second to introduce yet another new project.  The webcomic is live, and can be accessed by clicking the image below. Three Rivers is the follow up to Elk's Run by Noel Tuazon and myself. Where Elk's Run dealt with isolation and loneliness, Three Rivers is about growing up in the seat of modern civilization... the suburbs.

It's a bit scary how similar they are.

The book is told as a series of short stories revolving around the lives of two friends, and how their relationship changes and grows from puberty through adulthood. Rendered beautifully in black and white by Noel, the book is a true creative successor to Elk's Run.

The plan for right now is to put up a new chapter every month for free, with access to the archive for a buck a month. In that archive, you can also access a bunch of my early mini-comics, comics by Noel, and some of my Western Tales of Terror stories.

So, please, check out the first part of the book, and let us know what you think!

Feel free to repost this whereever you'd like, and Noel and I are both available for interviews, etc.