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The Resistance EP 2, Word Balloon,, and more...

Hey gang,Just a quick note to let you know that Episode 2 is up on as well as on It should also be up on,, and shortly. I LOVE this episode, and can't wait for y'all to check it out.

For those interested, I'm the guest on this week's Word Balloon podcast. I talk about The Cleaners, Afro Samurai, Vampirella, Cyblade, and just about everything I've ever worked on. There's also a big ol' chunk on LG15, so, please swing by and check it out.

There's also a feature length interview with me up on Sci-Fi website Read that here:

And, for those old school Fialkov fans, I just uploaded all of the Poorly Drawn Animals Animated Adventures to youtube. You can watch those here:

And, that's all the news that's fit to print or some such nonsense.

Thanks for all the love and support, and I hope you're enjoying the shows as much as we are making 'em.

TheList for 10-17-07

Hey Gang, Just a quick word as the week of my nuptials bears down on me. We get married this weekend in Encino, and lots of friends and family are flying in, so I'm about to do a nice disappearing act for all of those not in the flesh for the next few days. Before I do, here's a quick look at what's going on.

First off, on the wedding kick, we made a comic book as a hand out for our guests, and got an amazing bunch of guys to contribute. Elk's Run's Noel Tuazon did an amazing job on the bulk of the pages, with a quick section of my Postcards collaborator Micah Farritor's work, and good friend Tony Fleecs put the thing together. Add to that it's wrapped in the above beautiful cover by Phil Hester. Keep checking the blog, as we're doing a giveaway of a few copies of this extremely limited comic. It's like if Elk's Run wasn't a miserable adventure in death and family.

Next up, over at, John Siuntres's Word Balloon podcast has been posted, and it's the first of two parts of the Library Panel with myself, Mark Waid, Kazu Kibuishi, Christos Gage, Ross Richie, and Tony Fleecs. The panel was great, and relistening to it makes me feel pretty confident that it was a worthwhile endeavor for all involved. Special thanks to Dan Dupill from the LAPL for helping to set the whole thing up. Here's the full story.

Also, this week in stores, from IDW Gene Simmons House of Horrors #2 featuring a story by me drawn by the inimitable Andy Kuhn. I saw his original pages back at Comic Con, and they were absolutely amazing. Do yourself (and us) a favor and pick up a copy.

Finally, in somewhat bizarre news, a movie I wrote is actually on its way from Mark's and my pens (through some unknown Canadian rewrite guys) to the small screen. The movie's gone from being called They're Among Us to The Hatching (which I mistook for The Hutching, assuming it had something to do with vertical storage) and seems to possibly have at least something to do with what Mark and I originally wrote so many months ago. Best of all, it stars Isabella Rossellini and Judd Nelson. (I hope there's a walking away/fist pump/freeze frame at the end, but I doubt I'm that lucky.) God knows how the thing'll turn out, but, at the very least, I'm proud to cause each of you pain on a Saturday night in the near future. Here's the PR on the movie.

That'll do it for me. Thanks for reading, and see y'all in a week or two. Keep checking the blog and the Twitter if you'd like to watch my descent into insanity during my final week of pre-marital bliss.



Kryptographik Interviews Me

I talk about Elk's Run, Vampi, Punks, and a slew of other stuff.  It's a pretty long interview, so give it a listen, and enjoy.

Kryptographik Episode 10 arrives and to celerbrate we have a special episode.

We are joined by Joshua Fialkov who gives us his insite on the industry from the fall of Speak Easy to becoming the new writer for Vampirella. We talk about Elks Run and it's sequel and everything else in between he has down with his comic career.

26.6 Meg's for a whole 66 Minutes

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Wanna Learn About Indie Comics?

Saul on Word Balloon Number one, Word Balloon is THE quintessential Comics Podcast right now.  It involves the very talented John Siuntres doing in depth interviews with various comic personalities (I've bee on the show, you can listen here.) John manages to be insightful, knowledgable, and best of all, has an incredible radio voice.  You actually want to listen to him talk, which is a rarity among podcasts these days.  Secondly, you've got my buddy, my pal, Saul Colt being interviewed for around an hour where he... well... he tells the truth.  He talks about what's wrong with the industry, what's wrong with his comics, what's wrong with his publishing plans... It's remarkably educational, and I talk with him every other day and already know all of his stories.

Anyways, go, listen, learn, and enjoy.