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Comicvine on Alibi (with five page preview)

Comicvine: The Latest In Comic Book News and Blogs

That is not the case here. So where as we are told the basic gist of the story, we are left with a pretty big cliffhanger on the last page. It's pretty much a "holy crap, how will they get out of this one?"

So I have to say, for me, this is one of the main contenders so far.

More at the link.

Top Cow Announced Alibi

Comic Book Resources - CBR News: WWLA: Top Cow Launches Pilot Season Two in May Alibi Cover

CBR: Coming up in June you've got "Alibi" with Joshua Hale Fialkov and Jeremy Haun. Tell us about "Alibi."

Rob Levin: "Alibi" is essentially the story of an assassin who can't be caught, because even when you catch him, the targets still end up dead. How does he do it? Well, I guess you'll just have to read the book. Jeremy's pages have started rolling in and man did we get it right on the art. If you thought he was good before, watch out.

More art and stuff about the rest of Pilot Season at the link, also, Rob Levin attempts to give me a new nick name...

Hey, hey, man. Josh isn't just a holdover, he's "The People's Choice." If you remember, we were quite fond of calling Witchblade artist Stjepan Sejic "Croatian Painting Sensation," for a while. Well, ever since Pilot Season 2007 voting ended, I haven't called Josh by his name even once. I just printed up his name placard for the con this weekend, and it says, "The People's Choice."


Hey Gang,This week sees the release of Cyblade: Pilot Season #1.  The book has art by Rick Mays, and is a complete reinvention of the character.  It's also a part of a competition to get me a job writing an ongoing.  I'm competing against some really great talent, so please do your part to help me trounce them.  It'll be available at finer comic retailers tomorrow.  More information on that here:

Also, I'll be appearing with my Punks co-hort Kody tomorrow on Fanboy Radio to discuss Punks and whatever else we have coming down the pipe, so please, take the hour to listen to it live (and maybe even call in, if you can... I'm not sure) here at: .  Also, you can grab onto a podcast version of the interview shortly thereafter.  Coincidentally, the Punks store with T-Shirts, the limited edition version of the Summer Special, etc. should be live in the next day or two.  That's here:

And finally, don't forget about a week from Saturday when I'll be hosting The Future of Graphic Literature at the Los Angeles Public Library's Central Library in Downtown, Los Angeles.  The panel will feature Mark Waid, Kazu Kibuishi, Ross Richie, Christos Gage, Tony Fleecs, and myself.  There'll be a small meet and greet right afterwards.  It's being held on Saturday September 29th at 2pm, more information here: .  If you haven't  been to the Central Library, you're missing one of the Los Angeles' premiere pieces of architecture, and the revitilization of downtown has made the city come alive again, which, in other words, means you don't have to worry about getting mugged anymore.

Thanks for reading, and hope y'all check out my wares,


Joshua Fialkov

Read the First Issue of Vampirella For Free

Vampirella Here's the press release.

Vampirella's battle with the Blood Red Queen rages on in “Vengeance of Vampirella, Part 2” the lead story of Vampirella Quarterly: Summer 2007, in stores now! To mark it's debut, Harris Comics is putting up “Vengeance of Vampirella, Part 1” in its entirety for free at so everyone can catch up on one of the most talked about Vampirella storylines ever. The story will be available for free only for a limited time.

In “Vengeance”, the fate of Vampi's beloved Adam Van Helsing hangs in the balance, as she struggles with the Blood Red Queen! What terrible price will Vampi pay to get her long lost beloved back into her arms? Will that price be worth it? Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey nominated writer of Elk's Run, with spectacular art by rising star Stephen Segovia (Witchblade: Shades of Gray). PLUS: Archie Goodwin's and Jose Gonzalez's classic Vampi tale “Death's Dark Angel” is newly re-colored and re-mastered by Glass House Graphics. Read one of the greatest Vampirella tales of all time as you've never seen it!

The Quarterly sports two dynamic covers by Segovia. Deluxe Black and White Editions of each, limited to just 500 copies, are also available.

Each issue is 40 pages with no interior ads, full color and available for reorder.

To reorder please use the following Diamond codes: *Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 CVR A #1 MAY07 3154 $4.95 *Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 LTD B&W CVR A #1 MAY07 3155 $19.95 *Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 CVR B #1 MAY07 3156 $4.95 *Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2007 LTD B&W CVR B #1 MAY07 3157 $19.95