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Joshua Hale Fialkov is the Harvey, Eisner, and Emmy Award nominated writer of graphic novels, animation, video games, film, and television, including:


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Longform Interview over at Newsarama


NRAMA: Random House has been pushing Elk’s Run pretty hard, what is that a result of?JHF: They came to us about the book. It had a varied publishing past when we tried to do the issues. To various degrees of success, we went through two publishers before Random House. They came to us very early on and really expressed their commitment in trying to get the book under their label as a trade paperback.

I talk about my old jobs in TV, my movie, and a bunch of other stuff.

Newsarama Q&A on Punks


NRAMA: That's cold… but.. yeah. Can you give us a rundown of who's who in Punks?JF: Sure. We got Abe Lincoln. He's the 16th President of the United States, liberator of the slaves, and hero of the civil war. He also knows how to party.

Then we have Dog. He's a political radical with a Morrissey fetish. He also knows how to party.

Then there's Skull. He's a Punk Rock superstar who breathes fire. He also knows how to party. And finally, there's Fist. He's got a fist for a head and communicates through a combination of signs and semaphore. Unfortunately, he no longer knows how to party due to an unfortunate accident involving Bell Biv Devoe.

*Embedded in that article is the entire Free Comic Book Day story, btw, so, if you couldn't find it, there's your chance to read it. 

Comic Book Bin on Punks

Q&A: Joshua Fialkov Talks Punks the Comic

CBB: If there is a selling point or something about the project that you want to get across to readers, what is it?

FIALKOV: It's funny, it's different, it's smart, it cures cancer*, it has laser blasting alien robots, and more head wound jokes per page than any other book on the stands**,

*Does not in fact cure cancer. **Not including Head Wound Joke Monthly

The Washington Post Express on Elk’s Run

Express: A Publication of The Washington Post

» EXPRESS: Do you see your book as a criticism of small-town America or what it's like to live in the Midwest? » FIALKOV: I really don't think it is. What I tried really hard to do in the book, and I hope I succeeded at, is show nobody's wrong. The methodology is wrong. The situation is wrong. The rationale — why everyone is doing the things they're doing — is not. It's just that sometimes that life becomes a powder keg.

Aint-It-Cool Interviews Me About Elk’s Run


How on earth did Random House get involved with comics? Did they call you, or...Random House has been doing comics in a couple different forms for a while. There's the Del Rey Manga line (which has some astonishingly good stuff in it), and then they've done comics here and there in the past. I think the idea of doing an adult graphic novel push (adult meaning mature, not porno, obviously), just suited the business at the time. Graphic Novels have never been as high profile as they are know, and with the success of things like THE END OF VIOLENCE and 300, it's no longer just about superheroes. There's a certain natural connection between pop culture and the sequential narrative form that seems to be cinched into just about everybody's brains.

Newsarama on Vampi


NRAMA: Writing this is Joshua Hale Fialkov, best known for his work on Elk's Run and Western Tales of Terror. Why'd you seek him out to help you bring Vampirella back?BA: I'm always on the lookout for fresh voices and talent. I'd been in some contact with Joshua after Vampirella Comics Magazine reviewed his Western Tales series. It was very interesting to see someone act as a writer and editor on a horror anthology -- it demonstrated that he knew how horror -- good horror -- should work.

Out of curiosity I'd gotten issues of Elk's Run at my local comic shop and just enjoyed the hell out of them. It was a very different kind of comic than what was normally being put out there -- something very real and extra-ordinary at the same time. In the meantime he'd sent me some pitches and I was impressed with his ideas and take on Vampi. He has the kind of approach I'm always looking to bring to the character so when I was looking to start a new series I immediately thought of him.

Rest of the article at the link.

Kryptographik Interviews Me

I talk about Elk's Run, Vampi, Punks, and a slew of other stuff.  It's a pretty long interview, so give it a listen, and enjoy.

Kryptographik Episode 10 arrives and to celerbrate we have a special episode.

We are joined by Joshua Fialkov who gives us his insite on the industry from the fall of Speak Easy to becoming the new writer for Vampirella. We talk about Elks Run and it's sequel and everything else in between he has down with his comic career.

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Pop Thought Interviews Me About Vampirella

Pop Thought -- Land Of Frost Interviews

 The clothing, the body, the character's obvious appeal to boys makes me question its validity as anything but a whacking material object. Is it softcore porn?

Unlike Powergirl or Spiderwoman or Supergirl or Batgirl or Wonder Woman or... C'mon. That's a cop out question. This is a medium FILLED with unrealistic over-sexed half naked women (and men for that matter.) The only difference between Vampi and any of them from that stand point is that you're familiar with the others. Vampi, in fact, stood as a BIG departure from that bullshit back in the day. She was a feminist icon, one who stood on her own two feet, managed to tell the men in her life what to do, and do it with a laugh.

Scryptic Studios - Joshua Hale Fialkov on Elk’s Run and Comics in General

Caleb Monroe Interviews me here.

Can you describe your creative process, from first idea to completed pages? I have a lot of ideas. Most of them are absurd and awful. But I do my best to get everything “down” somewhere. I've actually started using Google Documents to sort of build a portfolio of stuff I can pull from and store ideas. That way no matter where I am, there's always a place to put my ideas that's only a few clicks away. But generally, if I like an idea enough, and it feels like something I can do well, I'll try and write 22-30 pages worth of it. If I still like it, I start looking for an artist.

Caleb's the poor bastard I stole Noel from many moons ago.  He's a fantastic writer, and it's a pretty informative interview, if I do say so myself.

Publishers Weekly Inrterviews Me about Elk’s Run

Sons Against Fathers In Elk's Run - 3/13/2007 - Publishers Weekly

For fans of the Elk's Run comics series, the release of all eight issues in one volume for the first time is a long-awaited prize. Elk's Run is the story of a utopian community gone awry. Founded by a group of Vietnam vets and their wives, Elk's Ridge, W.Va., was intended to be a place free of the cynicism and hypocrisy of the modern world. But the teenage children of the town's founders want nothing more than to get back to the world their parents left behind. In the power struggle that follows, it becomes clear that what started as an idealistic escape from the world has turned into tyranny.

Click the link for the rest.

Wanna Learn About Indie Comics?

Saul on Word Balloon Number one, Word Balloon is THE quintessential Comics Podcast right now.  It involves the very talented John Siuntres doing in depth interviews with various comic personalities (I've bee on the show, you can listen here.) John manages to be insightful, knowledgable, and best of all, has an incredible radio voice.  You actually want to listen to him talk, which is a rarity among podcasts these days.  Secondly, you've got my buddy, my pal, Saul Colt being interviewed for around an hour where he... well... he tells the truth.  He talks about what's wrong with the industry, what's wrong with his comics, what's wrong with his publishing plans... It's remarkably educational, and I talk with him every other day and already know all of his stories.

Anyways, go, listen, learn, and enjoy.

Lo-Fi Interview Me.

Lo-Fi Magazine has a big ol' interview with me in the issue that just came out. If you've never heard of Lo-Fi, you're missing out. Think of it as Wizard meets Maxim, minus the fanboy bullshit and naked chicks. It's really and truly excellently done. So, go and check it out. You're local comics retailer should be able to order it for you.